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Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, located north of Saint Martin and east of the Virgin Islands. View Map

5 Fun Facts

1.Unique Name Origin

Name Meaning: Anguilla's name is derived from the Italian word "anguilla," which means "eel." The island was named for its long, eel-like shape by early European explorers.

2.Famous for Its Beach Bars

Beach Bars: Anguilla is home to some of the best beach bars in the Caribbean. The Dune Preserve, owned by reggae artist Bankie Banx, is a famous spot known for its live music and laid-back atmosphere. It's even been ranked as one of the best beach bars in the world.

3. Rich Musical Heritage

Moonsplash Music Festival: Anguilla hosts the annual Moonsplash Music Festival, which is the longest-running independent music festival in the Eastern Caribbean. It was founded by Bankie Banx and attracts international artists and music lovers from around the globe.

4. Culinary Diversity

Gourmet Capital: Despite its small size, Anguilla has a vibrant culinary scene with over 100 restaurants, many of which are gourmet establishments. The island is often referred to as the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean" because of its high concentration of fine dining options and talented chefs.

5. Hollywood Connection

Celebrity Haven: Anguilla is a favorite getaway for celebrities seeking privacy and luxury. Famous visitors have included Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Robert De Niro, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The island's secluded beaches and exclusive resorts make it an ideal retreat for the rich and famous.

These fun facts highlight the unique characteristics that make Anguilla a special and intriguing destination in the Caribbean.

Read Serious Facts below
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Top 10 Attractions Random Order
1.Shoal Bay East (view more below)2.Snorkeling at Little Bay3.Prickly Pear Cays - a private beach reached by boat4.Socialize & BBQ with locals on the Strip5.Visit the geological and historical wonder: Water Fountain Cavern National Park - view ancient petroglyphs 6.Meads Bay - less crowded than Shoal Bay East7. Go Horseback riding 8. See Anguilla's oldest structure - Wallblake House - on Anguilla's Heritage trail 9.Kitesurfing10.Visit Ronald Webster Park - A multi-use stadium Read Fun Facts below
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Enjoy your stay!

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Anguilla Caribbean Maps
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National Anthem

“God Bless Anguilla”

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Serious Facts Anguilla

Anguilla's land area covers 35 square miles (91 square kilometers). It is 16 (26 kilometers) long and three-and-one-half miles (6 kilometers) wide. The highest elevation is of 213 feet (65 meters) at Crocus Hill. 

Currency & Credit Cards

Eastern Caribbean dollar and the U.S. dollar

Anguilla's government is under the authority of the British government at Westminster, London and consists of the governor, the Executive Council, and the House of Assembly. The governor holds executive power and is appointed by the British monarch, and is responsible for external affairs, internal financial affairs, defense, and internal security. The Executive Council advises the governor. The House of Assembly has two nominated members and seven elected members. Other key political positions are the AG (attorney general) and secretary to the Executive Council.
Time Zone
EST (UTC-5). Summer (DST). EDT (UTC-4).
Drives on the


Calling Code
+1 264

Latitude: 18° 13' 23.77" N
Longitude: -63° 03' 23.88" W


The Valley

Caribbean Commercial Investment Bank Ltd., Foreign Commerce Bank Limited, National Bank of Anguilla (Private Banking and Trust) Limited, National Commercial Bank of Anguilla Limited, Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited.

The tiny Anguilla Bank Anole (Anolis gingivinus) is a species of the anole lizard. Sweet Bees of more than 1700 species. Sombrero Ameiva Lizard. Hawksbill sea turtle. The masked booby sea bird with a 65-inch wingspan

Top Anguilla Beaches
Anguilla has 33 spectacular and diverse beaches. Here are our top 5.

Shoal Beach
Two miles long. Soft white sands. Great for watersports, walks, swimming, dolphin watching. Very popular with its resorts, restaurants and beachbars.

Located on the north shore with restaurants and hotels. Equally popular, less crowded. Waves appropriate for advanced surfing.

Savannah Bay
Wild, remote, natural and off the beaten path, easily accessible. Waves appropriate for advanced surfing.

Cove Bay
View of St. Martin. Sensational sunset. Very family, walking, swimming-friendly. Allso great for kitesurfing and horseback-riding.

Sandy Ground Beach
Very urban and lively. Loads of amenities. Turns in a social hot spot in the evenings. Venue for Anguilla's Summer Festival



Brief History of Anguilla
Anguilla not much larger than an average US city, has a rich heritage that dates back a few thousand years ago when the first Amerindians - the Arawak Indians settled here and then routed by the Carib Indians. Early Spanish explorers named the island Anguilla, which means 'eel', due to its elongated shape.

Anguilla became a British colony in 1650 and despite attempts by the French to colonize, it has remained a British colony ever since. In 1967, Britain encouraged that Anguilla forms a relationship with St Kitts and Nevis to create a new Caribbean nation. Anguillians didn't fancy that thinking they would be undermined by the bigger islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. The islands became a 'state in association' with the UK, and in 1980 they were granted the status of a British Dependent Territory.

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Coolest Caribbean Tip of the Day
In need of sunscreen? Consider a local, natural type. Coconut Oil is said to be very healthy for your skin (and hair), and has sun protection properties. But if you're planning on staying in the sun for longer than 30 minutes we suggest you wear a rash-guard, a hat, sunglasses and stay in the shade. If that's not an option consider applying a generous amount of high SPF organic sunscreen you get at most health stores in the Caribbean.

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