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St. Thomas

theCoolestCarib Caribbean Directory

St. John

St. John CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

St. Croix

St. Croix CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

Grand Cayman

theCoolestCarib Caribbean Directory

St. Maarten

St. Martin CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory


Barbados CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

St. Lucia

St. Lucia CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

St. Kitts

theCoolestCarib Caribbean Directory

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Caribbean Directory


Tortola Caribbean Directory


Jamaica Caribbean Island Caribbean Directory


CoolestCarib Caribbean Directory

South Florida

South Florida Caribbean Directory

Social Media

Social Media Caribbean Directory

Pictorial Blog

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Passionately Caribbean!

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The pristine blue water, picturesque beaches and all year round tanning weather make the Caribbean Islands an idyllic destination for travellers and vacationers from all over the world.

We at CoolestCarib.Com are passionately in love with the Caribbean Island lifestyle and are on a quest to enlighten you about facts and services on the Coolest Caribbean Islands.

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Caribbean Websites

The CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory are also featured on other prominent Caribbean websites.


These websites include:

  1. Amalia Cafe:

  2. Asian Restaurant:

  3. Barefoot Buddha:

  4. Blackbeard's Castle:

  5. Budget Rent a Car:

  6. Caribbean Blue Boat Charters:

  7. Caribbean Food Service:

  8. Cafe Berlin

  9. CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory

  10. Chenay Bay Beach Resort

  11. Drive Green VI

  12. Erna Gallery Online:

  13. Florida Export:

  14. Fort Lauderdale Kitesurfing Co

  15. Freddie Rabuse Music:


  17. Heart and Soul Unions

  18. Hotel 1829:

  19. Island Sweet Stuff:

  20. Istanbul Turkish Restaurant:

  21. Jet Ski VI

  22. JimBOATtrips
  23. Mobi Chair:

  24. Mok Properties PR:

  25. North Side Bistro:

  26. No Hay Liga:

  27. Olympic Rent-A-Car, St. Croix:

  28. Patagon Dive Center:

  29. Paradise Rentals PR:

  30. Premier Destination Services:

  31. PR Half Mile

  32. Rentamotion:

  33. Sail Snorkel Party:

  34. Scooter Biz:

  35. Seaplanes In Paradise:

  36. The Liz Strauss:

  37. The VI Cat:

  38. Thrifty Rent A Car:

  39. Virgin Port Services:

  40. Speedy's Car Rentals

  41. The New Deep End Bar & Grill

Websites soon to feature CoolestCarib.Com Caribbean Directory:

  1. Tres Palmas Surf Shop (Puerto Rico)

  2. Butterfly People (Puerto Rico)

  3. Poet's Passage Coffee Shop (Puerto Rico)

  4. B52 Kitesurfing School (St. Martin)

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Caribbean Infographic